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I finished my first story. I call it just a story for now. I’ve given it to two people to review. One person is reviewing for plot line thoroughness and the other is reading for content because it’s their age group. 

I feel proud of what I’ve written but I feel there could be more for it. While I’m waiting for feedback, I’m trying to decide how I’d like to proceed to publish. I have a friend that has strictly self published. I have a cousin that has published with a publisher. Both have told me theirs is the best route, but they both write in a different genre than I do. So I’m not sure which I would see the most success. 

Also while I’m waiting, I’m working on another of my stories. It’s the same main genre, but it is a different secondary genre. I write young adult stories. The one I finished is a bit of fantasy because it’s focused around ghosts. The other one is a suspense. I also wrote with a different person with these two stories.

I tend to give my main characters to females which is the case with these stories I’m talking about. I worry with the success of characters like Katniss Everdeen and Tris, my stories will be looked at with distain since there’s been a flood of strong evolving females. 

I’ll write my character’s stories whether others like them or not. If I didn’t, they would drive me even more crazy than I already am. As long as I’m writing they only whisper; otherwise they are nearly yelling at me or disrupting my sleep. 

Time to get back to the many things that keep me busy. 


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