My Life as Mom

I was perusing my files again.  I stumbled onto another poem that describes my mood of late.  I’ve been busy with my bill paying job as well as my home job.  But I’ve realized with my crazy life, I would prefer to win the lottery and do my home job.  This poem is the a perfect description of what things were like for me before the bill paying job.  I’d take it in a heart beat if I could.

As a side note, when I wrote this poem, my now 14 year old was first learning to read poetry.  She fell in love with this one.  She still gets a kick out of reading this one.


My Life As Mom

July 06, 2008

The alarm goes off

Beep beep beep

I stumble there slow

Still asleep

Coffee hot and strong

Sweet and creamy

Have a smoke outside

Stars still dreamy

Breakfast for three

All dressed for the day

Some off to school

Home others will stay

Now there are the chores

Laundry dishes floors

Forget the cat box

Dogs want out both doors

Mommy Mommy

Comes from the playroom

Timeout for one

Kiss away the gloom

P.B. and J. for lunch

Glass of milk to drink

Only minutes to eat

Dishes pile the sink

Rest time for some

Just not for me

Toys to pick up

Quick sec to pee

Home from school

Time for all a snack

Homework done

Hugs I do not lack

Chops frying in a pan

Taters boiling in a pot

Stirring up some gravy

Dinner done for my lot

Baths for all

Kisses before bed

It’s eight o’clock

Make sure fish are fed

Time to kick up my feet

Watch a few of my shows

Maybe pour me a drink

Let’s see where the night goes

News over; bed time comes

Share the bed with dogs and man

Slumber comes easy

Another day comes again