Our C-og

My goal has already faltered because I have been sick this week. It’s amazing how vast amounts of stress can tear your body up. The main stressor for me is my bill paying job’s instability. But this morning I witnessed a real funny that must be shared.

7 years ago I brought home a cute little kitten to play with my then 2 year old fat cat. Over the years this cat has become my 13 year old’s best friend. We now think of him as our C-og, cat/dog.

At night when she goes to bed, the 13 year old whistles and snaps her fingers to have her cat, Biscuit, follow her to bed. It’s funny to watch his fat butt waddle to her and follow like a lost puppy.

This morning he was caught pulling a wash rag from the edge of the laundry hamper. He started chewing on it like a dog. The wash rag was not wet, but had been put there to dry the previous morning. So, I can’t imagine it was anything he was attracted to.

Biscuit has never like cat treats, but debating on getting some dog treats since he acts like a dog. I have even caught him licking my curtains. They are lace and he doesn’t even tear them. I’m amazed.

So, who needs cable when you have a C-og in your house?