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My New Country Living

I’ve been posting commentary here on this blog as I would pen thoughts in a diary.  Though I know that people will read them, I give really no care to what I write.  That being said, I have to share another tidbit of my overwhelmed life.  It’s about the latest change in my life, COUNTRY LIVING.

When I say country living, I am referring to the location of my home.  It’s in God’s country, as I was told by someone who had visited our house from town.  (Town for me has always been those cities where you can find department stores, fast food places, and other amenities that most people in this country take for granted.) Country for me is measuring distance in miles.  Like the fact that my closest neighbor is 1/4 mile away.  Another indicator of being in the country is that directions to my house may include turning off a paved road, and one of the paved roads that leads to our house is just chip-n-seal.  For folks that may not know, chip-n-seal is gravel that’s had road tar layered on top and pounded down.  It seems like pavement, but it doesn’t hold up like other kinds of pavement.  The closest city with amenities for me is thirty miles away or more; depending on what you might be looking to find.

Some people might find the distances disconcerting.  I don’t because there are so many things I love.  At night, I can see the stars.  I find it fascinating that I can see so many more out here then the many times we lived in town.  The lights of town drown out the night sky.

The sounds of the country may sound loud to others, but loud to me are sirens, thumping bass that rattles windows, and other general car/truck sounds.  Out here in the country, I hear crickets, cicadas, birds, turkeys, and coyotes.  I hear tractors working the earth and growth.  It is pure relaxation to hear the sounds of life in the country.

Something new for me now that I live in the country, I have had to learn to heat with wood.  I have a propane furnace, but it doesn’t do as good of a job.  I haven’t yet learned how to run the chainsaw, but I can run the splitter.  I, along with honey-do, am learning the best methods and woods to burn in our heater.  Wood heat is a warmer heat.  It permeates the whole house.  I just love it!

Back to the new grind of country life.  Gotta keep the wood burning.


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