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Tears of Respect

Today was one of those busy days.  It began productive with a little disappointment.  It continued with an emotional lunch adventure.  It was a little more productive up to dinner time.  Now I’m just hanging out with my feet up and baking cinnamon rolls.  The family is going to enjoy them before bed.  Honey-do and I will have ours with a little wine.

I started this because of my emotional lunch.  Our sassy thirteen year old is in middle school.  She’s a trumpet player in the school band.  Our local middle school provides an appreciation lunch for veterans.  Since honey-do and I are veterans, our presence was forced  requested.  I say this was emotional because my late father was Vietnam veteran, and this is one of those times of year that I miss him terribly.  One thing I always say and truly believe is, I was cheated out of time with him.  I found myself crying through much of the program.

It got me thinking about what I feel patriotism means to me.  It is not just serving in the armed forces.  It’s a belief in ones country.  A belief that the freedoms that were fought for over two hundred years ago are worth cherishing.  It about giving and receiving respect.

We have many symbols that represent our country and its freedoms.  We have the flag.  This is a world wide known symbol for the United States of America.  It something that many just wave on national holidays at parades.  For me, it is the blanket that wraps us and keeps us safe and warm.

We have the bald eagle; a majestic bird that rules the skies.  Its domineering prowess is a perfect symbol of our military’s presence globally and domestically.

We have our national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner. On the surface, it’s a song about a battle fought long ago.  But in that battle when the smoke finally cleared, our flag still was flying high.  It demonstrates that the United States may get knocked down, but we get right back up.

Patriotism, to me, should be part of our DNA chain.  I’m saddened when some people don’t get it.  I love that I was born in this country.  I love to call the United States of America my home.  I teach my children the importance.  I wish more did.


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