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A Jammed Packed Family Weekend

I had a busy weekend.  We had a delayed birthday party for the ten year old.  We held off because we wanted for her to have one of her grandmothers in attendance.  Honey-do left town for a few days and came back with my mom-in-law.  It was a nice visit.  Now he’s out of town again to return her home.  I’m sad when he’s gone because my children instinctively know I’m a push over for the most part. 

Here’s how things played out.  Friday, honey-do and I went to the city for shopping.  As much as I hate shopping, we had fun.  This particular trip was all about honey-do.  He needed tools and such.  Because my window shopping online wasn’t complete, we visited three hardware stores in order to find exactly what he was looking for.  He was pleased with our purchases and so was I.  One of those was a new air compressor.  The one I had bought for him sixteen years ago this Christmas was finally dead.  It was so worn out that it ran up my electric bill triple what it should have been, and it was so loud you had to leave the garage to have a simple conversation.  The new one is comparatively quiet and doesn’t run near as long.

Friday evening the thirteen year old had a friend stay over and attend a dance.  The friend we felt was not on her best behavior.  She continually tried to talk my daughter into doing things that she knew weren’t allowed.  I feel that she was just trying to get this girl to like her.  She’s always had a problem with this.

Saturday morning we had our normal chores like laundry.  The thirteen year old and her friend were being obstinate because they stayed up too late and we woke them at a reasonable hour.  The friend continued to be an issue.  When her mother came to pick her up, this child tried to interfere with our conversation in an effort to try and stay at our house longer.  My thirteen year old was well aware of the activities we had planned.  On our drive to an area festival we had a long conversation about respect.  We went to the festival to observe the ten year old’s art work that her teacher entered in an art contest.  That was a nice country drive.  Then we had her family birthday party with a movie, pizza, cupcakes and presents.  After the younger girls were off to bed, I invited the thirteen year old to join in a more grown-up movie.  She spent the entire time with her nose stuck in her phone texting.  This set me off.

Honey-do and I have worked real hard to instill family values in our children.  We didn’t grow up in the greatest of functionality.  Each of our families had a lot of dysfunction.  Another thing we have worked real hard to instill in our girls is respect.  We want them to be able to express their opinions but be tactful and respectful.  Needless to say, I lost my cool with the thirteen year old.  I grounded her for the first time in her life.  One week with no company, no bedroom TV, no cell phone and she must reflect on her attitude.  For a long time I’ve given her enough to rope to hang herself.  She finally did it, and she doesn’t like the outcome.

Sunday was church with the other grandma and a hay-ride in the evening which the thirteen year old had to stay home with mom, dad, and grandma.  She tried hiding in her room, but we addressed that.  She thought that if she stayed in her room, she wouldn’t get in more trouble.  That was not the point.

We’ve started a new week.  And with the rain we are seeing today, I foresee it washing away the rough portions of our weekend.


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