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Back to the Grind

I realize that it has been months since I’ve posted anything on this blog.  It has been the epitome of overwhelming for me for the last several months.

First things first.  I had to make a choice to leave my job.  Though I made a reasonable wage, I could not afford the cost of living where I was living.  It had reached the point that I was making choices to either pay the rent or buy groceries.  I began short changing my landlord so I wouldn’t have to look at my children and say, “I’m sorry, but all we have to eat is rice.”  There are only so many ways you can spice up rice, not to mention the constipation it creates.  I realized that things were getting tough months before I made the decision to leave my job.  I went to my boss and asked what I could do to increase my technician level.  I was told that the process to move up was being reviewed for all technicians and he couldn’t do anything at that time.  I then petitioned him to transfer me to a location that was less costly to live.  All available openings were in areas that were equally as expensive or greater.  This July, I was asked by my landlord to move out or pay.  I couldn’t pay.  I just didn’t make enough.  I borrowed the money needed to move from my father-in-law and we moved home to the center of the country.  I now live in a podunk town.  The family is happier because here we have a real support system.

Secondly, my school work has filled a lot of my free time.  Even though I’m taking courses for an applied science degree, I have to take certain social science courses to make my degree valid.  I have no real choice because of the way my school has set up the degree program.  I find that with my technical background courses like social psychology and world culture are taxing to my brain and take more thought than I want to give it.  But in order to achieve the A’s that I’m accustomed to, I have to put in more time.

The rest in all about family, pets, and crushing candy on Facebook.

Since I don’t have a real job to drag my ass to each day, I’ve been working on my books.  The ideas keep coming so I’ve been writing as much as I can get to the computer.  The most recent idea has been so pressing that I just grabbed an old spiral bound notebook and have been going at it old school with a pen.  It can give a person hand cramps, but the paper can go with me around the house easier than my bulky laptop.  I’m not sure I would do any better with a tablet or ipad.  I’m sure I would find myself getting distracted by those candies that demand crushing.

I have one book completed except for the editing.  It is a ghostly story that involves four sisters.  I’m not sure if it’s worthy of reading.  I feel that it’s more of a back story to something bigger.  I’ve been mulling around ideas about leaving it on the shelf so to speak in order to develop the bigger story.

The one I started on paper is more of a conspiracy theory come true kind of story.  With our recent government issues and our family’s recent family movie night including movies like National Treasure, I have put together an idea that has kind of been touched on before in movies but not in the way that I’ve been thinking about.  I so far have the blessing of my thirteen year old daughter that it is good.  She’s been begging me for more pages.  I think I might be on to something with this one.


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