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The Broiler of Hell warming up!

Last year I moved from the area of the country we loved.  It had four real seasons most years.  Though not all winters produced much snow and not all summers were super hot, it was a nice mix.  Because I found a job that would potentially provide for my family, I packed everyone up to move south.  Last summer I came up with a phrase that described summer here; the broiler of hell!  This week, we are having, according to our local weatherman, unseasonably hot AND cold temperatures.  That is to say, the beginning is going to be hot, the broiler warming up, and the end of the week, we’ve been crammed back into the refrigerator.

I state all this to say that last year, we had problems with our A/C unit.  It had to be charged twice in one summer.  That means there’s a problem.  Since I chose to rent a place, because it’s easier to get out of a lease rather than sell a house, our landlord is showing his true colors and approaching slum lord status.  He said to us that when it cooled down, he would have the unit serviced.  One month ago, I reminded him that it still hadn’t been done, and that warmer temperatures were upon us.  So the weekend before last, he sent his nephew, who he sends out all the time for our A/C unit because that’s what his day job is, to look at it.  The idiot brought a stop leak type of substance and more freon.  This did nothing.  He said he would be back in a week to look at it.  Well, last weekend he came and informed us that we needed a new unit.

Guess what assholes?!?!?  It’s the broiler of hell warming up.  The average inside temperature of my house is over 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  That’s not optimal.  We folks from the above the Mason-Dixon line don’t like it hot.  We keep our inside about 70-71 degrees in the summer.  I’ll pay the high electric bill.  I don’t want to sweat the minute I get out of the shower.

So now we are enduring awful heat until our landlord figures out which way is up and gets us a new A/C unit.  I am on the verge of going native on his ass!  I know he has it nice and cool at his house.  He wouldn’t let his children face this kind of cruelty, but thinks it’s okay for mine.

That’s all for now.  I’ll get off my soapbox for a bit while I try and cool down.  I wonder if an entire human body can fit inside the refrigerator and not spoil the milk?


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