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Writing goals

I started this blog to work on my writing skills. Well I can’t get better if I don’t actually write. Last weekend I spent time writing a great post about my Good Friday adventures but my crappy Internet service was once again down.

So one goal I have set is to utilize my lunch hour and my iPhone to post things. Another is to MAKE myself post a minimum of three a week.

So one silly family joke now running through our house is burps. My five year old, who doesn’t weigh hardly anything, has been belting out these loud manly sounding burps. Then, because I taught her to use her manners even at home, we hear a tiny little “excuse me”. It’s almost as quiet as a mouse. So now when anyone in the house burps, the goal is to see how quiet they can use their manners.

If I can ever get savvy enough to catch it on a video, I will even post it.


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